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Valnes & Company
Valnes and Company

Our goal as a boutique real estate company is to create lasting relationships with all of our clients. It’s great to work with people who know what they’re doing. Our laid back style comes from years of experience and the confidence gained from proven success. We’ve been down this road before so we know what to expect. However, don’t mistake our style for lack of intensity or focus. We’ve been successful for a reason.
"Stacey Valnes hit it out of the park! I interviewed 5 realtors before listing my Venice home with Stacey. They were certainly all capable but also had mostly the same approach, informed by common anxiety because the market had softened since the roaring springtime. Stacey was the only one who came without a glossy bound marketing brochure - just himself and a business card. But he was also the only one who came with a simple, creative plan. My house was in its original 1940's state in a good neighborhood that was in high demand. But being an older house, potential buyers would most likely want to remodel before moving in. Stacey suggested a reasonable makeover that would let buyers see it as move-in ready. He took care of all the details and work, from purchasing items (he even went to Home Depot on Black Friday to get things on sale) to arrange all the work - painting, floors, plumbing installations, etc. Ultimately it sold for significantly more than any of the 4 other agents predicted. And the process was painless and easy. Stacey does not disappoint - he exceeds expectations. I would engage Stacey again without hesitation on any future home sale."-ARTHUR S

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Selling a home is complicated. We strive to clarify and simplify the process for you through active communication and diligent follow-through. The more you understand the less stressed you’ll be